Fucking atypical

January 14, 2010

I don’t much care for self reflection, I mean it has its place, but it should be a once a year thing, like Pancake day or January 12th. Recently, I’ve been posting more than I should. Normally, I take a back seat and watch stupidity unfold before me and occasionally report it here or at my favourite internet haunts, but I think I’ve taken a step into the stupid territory. My last post here was about a dude called Goodscienceforyou (GSFY), a genuine idiot who claims to be a scientist, but doesn’t understand physics, archaeology, chemistry or any other field he’s lumbered toward. He genuinely doesn’t have a Scooby Doo. It’s hilarious to read his posts where he justifies his misunderstandings as ‘not following science’s brainwashing techniques’ and has an especially large dislike for the theory of evolution. Here’s a quote from his forum. He’s trying to explain…
something or other.

If this site were to have “good” effects on the religious belief in Evodelusionism, the religion of evolutionists, then the evodelusinoists would be promoting it. What the do is to try to stop talking about it, and to stop recommending it.

If it was not detrimental to Evodelusionism, meaning that it supports their beliefs, by being inaccurate of the facts, then they would be dropping money in the till to support this, of they would be recommending it to all of their friends.

Instead they have never met a real scientist before, so they can’t dismiss anything I teach.

If what I teach is detrimental to the opponents to Evodelusionism then they would also support it.

This is because what we teach is NEUTRAL and is not based on any beliefs. It is only based on facts.

It’s called the Neutral evolution forum, but is just an outlet for his self-aggrandisement and about as neutral as Glenn Beck (who hasn’t yet denied that he raped and murdered a girl in 1990).

My laughing at him is not the reason for my reflection, but it is sort of what prompted it.
I started posting regularly on that forum, asking sensible questions to begin with. At some point, a fellow who had read a post he’d enjoyed searched for my username on youtube and sent me a private message which gave me some clues as to who GSFY was in real life. Always on the alert for some lulz, I followed the clues and discovered much information about him. Seriously, a lot. I talked over my discoveries with a friend and came to the blindingly obvious conclusion that he is quite a disturbed individual. I won’t go into it, but suffice it to say, it’s fucked up.
All of a sudden I’m the idiot. I’ve been mocking this guy for making up scientific standards as he goes along, calling me a fool and a liar without a trace of irony, and it turns out he’s a bloody mental and I should be helping him seek some proper care…

Yep, troll’s remorse. It fucking sucks, as Americans like to say.
So I (and others) leave the forum and he now thinks he has scared off the disagreeing members by the sheer strength of his arguments. Fuck. I want to correct him, I want to point out each and every error and inaccuracy and tell him why he’s a fucking pleb. But I won’t.

Oh sod it, here’s one final quote. From a thread called logic.

Go f**k yourself! This is staw man bullshit. I have no religion. I know that God = Truth and if you want truth in science the you need to get rid of all religious bullshit from science. There is no religion higher than the truth.

God (does not equal) religion.

If God equaled religion there would be only one religion.



Some fucking good science

December 23, 2009

You may recall an idiot from a previous post called Goodscienceforyou (quite possibly the most ironic username ever chosen). Well, he now has his own forum
Quick history – Goodscienceforyou hates evolution. So much so, that he will go out of his way to mis-spell it as often as possible. He likes to refer to it as ‘Evodelusionism’ (although he often doesn’t spell that right either) which he seems to think is extremely clever. He also coined the abbreviation of human emotional mental garbage,  HEMG. He says

A science based on slogans is not science

but as we can’t really trust someone who uses slogans instead of science, we should probably look elsewhere. Still, it’s hard to turn your browser away.
According to GSFY, he has what he defines as an ‘extreme IQ’, which he refers to constantly. I thought it prudent to note one or two points of his genius flourishing.

Diamond are no longer carbon, they are diamonds. Moron!

I love that he ends that sentence with ‘Moron!’

Mutation is a foudational [sic] scientific term from genetics that specifically means a genetic freak. It has always meant that. It means the chromosomes are messed up and out of balance from the parents of the mutant offspring.

Otherwise known as the X-Men hypothesis of genetic mutation…

He does have some genuine moments of clarity, though. Like a diamond (made of carbon) in the rough, there are little bright glimmers.

Opinions are like butt holes, everybody has them, but all you get is crap from them.

Goodscienceforyou, spa salesman.

You cannot teach a wild animal with kindness, while they are eating a young child’s mind with deception.

I’d love to post more of GSFY’s quotes, but the sheer mountain of idiocy, hyperbole and comical non-sequitur leads to ill health – my sides are splitting. But like a former junkie, I’m sure I’ll be back for another fix before long.

Fucking BNP

November 3, 2009

They really believe this shit

Extra long post today…

Their tagline is The British National Party Website: Leading The Way in British Politics
A substitute for clear rhetoric, usually only used by mainstream politicians. The BNP are an interesting lot. Their history is tarnished by their consistent association with the national front and their obsession with race, foreign religion and immigration controls. They’re trying to attract mainstream/ordinary voters by using the language of the political class. It’s quite funny, if a bit troubling.
Recently, a blogpost by Guardian Technology editor Charles Arthur, posited the following conundrum: You decide: should you hack that hateful party’s website?

A friend who’s quite into hacking around with stuff says that he’s found a flaw in the website of a political party whose views you both detest. (Its leader might have appeared on a high-profile television programme recently, for example.)

The flaw, your friend explains, would let you hack into the site and change everything around. Then you, with your expertise, could change the front page, leave scripts that would capture login details, pretty much anything. Maybe there would even be some useful databases hanging around there.

You’re interested – but the Computer Misuse Act doesn’t have a public interest defence, and you’re unsure whether your friend has the hacking chops to do this undetected. Then again, that leering face on the website is soooo annoying..

What do you do?

Now, there were many hilarious comments on the post itself, not least the BNPWebmonkey’s attempts to claim Mr Arthur had broken the law, the article was an incitement to commit crime. A shining beacon, the BNP’s intellectual light. Sadly, they’re currently out of bulbs.
Many of the greatest, (by which I mean idiotic), posts were removed by moderators, so it’s a little jumpy trying to follow the reasoning behind some posts which is a shame. So, I jump over to see the BNP’s reaction only to find a veritable goldmine of stupidity, hence the extra long post. Enjoy!


MMM. Interesting, If you hack into the gruniads inner sanctum all that comes up is a wonderful explanation of how pond life evolved. It doesn’t make it clear which particular animal of pond life origin managed to get certain jobs of responsibility on the gruniads management other than to point out that the deeper the pond, the stronger the pond life. Obviously those that managed to make it to the surface and onto dry land eventually evolved into more advanced members of the animal kingdom, some even becoming human beings. Alas there were still some that still maintained their alliegance to pond life and continued to be reminded of their ancient origins by becoming gruniad readers. The rest, however were able to form their own opinions and relied on facts not pond life detritus.

Quite literally, WTF?


Who’s he to tell me who I am supposed to like or not like. No-one tells me who my friends are, not the BNP, not the BBC and certainly not some tosser journo who has just been trounced on QT.

I have Black, White, Japanese, Hindu and Sikh friends who all know my political stance.

He on the other hand is not my friend. He’s a bully and a coward and I don’t speak to weak men.

Well, I’m glad you know who your friends are. What does any of that have to do with Charles Arthur or his post? There’s no point getting angry before you finish reading the actual article…

Dave common

“24 October 2009

Security breach – Guardian Jobs

We learned yesterday evening that the Guardian Jobs website has been targeted by a sophisticated and deliberate hack, which has breached the security of the data on the site. You have used the site to make one or more job applications and we believe your personal data, relating to those applications, may have been accessed.”

Well, serves me right I suppose for using their services. What comes around goes around.

Lulz, he doesn’t even realise how that reads.

white and proud

Yeah, this guy’s something else…

I hear you mike my heart goes out to all the victims and there familys. yeah i seen the muslims celebrating to. its makes your blood boil. down with islam.



So is he guilty of stirring up racial hatred against us?

Racial. Hatred. Context!


I dont know where to put this .But just had a thought .All the lies ect about Nick and the party.Perhaps rather than complain to the press acc ect we should sue the journalist who writes it ,not the paper.They have the money to defend such actions but has the jounalist .probalby not in debt wife left him most are drunks as you know .Just a thought

Sue him for what? Posing a question? You guys always go on about freedom of speech…

Paul James

I would never read the Gardian and its equaly crappy cousin the Manchester Evening News.In truth we cannot trust any of them. I must say I have been slow to find out that you can find the papers on Google for free and just read the bits you like.For Example on Sunday I used to get the M on Sunday to read Peter Hitchens but was so pissed off with the rest of their rubbish I stopped and they dont show motorcycle results only football.

Someone just excited to be here, folks.

white and proud

Oh ho ho…

I hear you mike my heart goes out to all the victims and there familys. yeah i seen the muslims celebrating to. its makes your blood boil. down with islam. white man must stand united against islam we dont want it in our country

So good he posted twice.


yes ”Charles Arthur” sounds like the kind of deliberate inflated sounding name that gives fake ‘stature’ and resonance although its a bit like a tardy trade mark for a mass produced consumer corporate product

There are no words I can use to describe how stupid this is.


Google “Scientology” and “fair game”

Ha! Their victim/underdog complex is actually giving me the full belly laugh of the day.

And on a rather strange note, I’d like just to mention an oddity that has no explanation. On the bottom of their pages, or at least the ones I read, they have the following:

1st: The British National Party

2nd: The Conservatives

3rd: Labour

4th: The Liberal Democrats

5th: UKIP

What this signifies, I have no idea. I don’t imagine many of them have ever been first at anything. Ever.

Fucking swearing

October 12, 2009

Swearing has its uses

Since time immemorial, swearing has held its place as the king of accentuation. Its position since the birth of the internet has changed little, but I think the shock value has somewhat dimmed. Take Eurogamer for instance. Sure, it’s a bit messy as sites go, but if you read an article, look forward to the comments and you have a mild stomach, you’ll find yourself confronted with some eye-popping and totally gratuitous swears.
Now, a comment like

If I somehow travelled back in time a couple of years and told the then-me that in the future, EA was going to go out of its way to preserve the rights of independent studios and generally act like the Good Guy, I’d have cunted my future-self in the fuck.

from thedaveeyres on the article http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/mobigame-langdells-lawyers-have-fled about my favourite trademark troll, Tim Langdell, within context is quite funny, but it seems that over there they can’t comment without the word cunt. Now, I don’t care about the word and find it quite comical when people, especially ladies, blush when it’s used, or worse, make it their place to tell you how offensive it is (without valid reasons, I might add, beyond ‘it’s offensive’) but I am a human and feel both empathy and sympathy. That said, I do feel that they need to be used sparingly to give them their full effect. People who splatter their conversations with fucks, shits and wankers tend to be unable to articulate themselves without swearing, and because of that, are just plain annoying. Not as annoying as shit pop music, but it’s all relative. I swear with the best of ’em, and sometimes without reason, but generally, they’re considered and appropriate.
So to all those people, hiding behind the internet’s anonymity who think it’s ‘cool’, it’s not, it’s ignorant. Fuck off.

Fucking Youtube

September 20, 2009

Youtube: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and idiocy.

This is total fucking nimrod Doggyspew on a pretty randomly chosen youtube video.

Define fantasy. If defining fantasy in believing in materialistic nature and all it atoms and energy in it, then you do not even know the definition of fantasy.

The topic, of course, is that classic polemic, Evolution. Now, Doggyspew is an idiot of the regular type, doesn’t proof read what he writes, posts a comment before the thought has coalesced properly in his mind etc, but there’s one fucker who deserves a bit of ridicule, GoodScienceForYou.

This is him in his own words, (I don’t expect you to actually read this bit, by the way)

About Me:

People call me the “teacher’s teacher”; “Renaissance man”; “ass hole, liar”; and other concepts that they project on me. Most loving people who are not believers in HEMG are treated badly by society. I spent 17 years in Yoga to get free of delusions. But basically, I am a person who has learned how to learn and to keep HEMG (human emotional mental garbage) away from me as much as possible, so that I can be a free thinker. Believe it or not; you can study all that man has learned and not believe in logical fallacies if you know how to recognize them. I have knowledge of a logical moral position that has intense logic and obvious objective reason, because the nature of the universe is that it follows and exacting logical rational, scientific, reason for all interactions of energy, life, and possibilities we have not come across yet. I am a scientist, although I have stayed far away from people who want to inflict nonsense on my intelligence. I have been tested with an extreme IQ and I don’t want to lose that by absorbing someone else’s unproven beliefs. I study science and everything far away from the intense need of others to tell me how to think or how to learn. I realized at a young age that people are indoctrinated by parents, society, religion, and learn to believe things that simple are not true and most times not logical. People are taught out of their objective reason and replace it with belief, for all sorts of emotional and survival reasons. If you want to be a free thinker, give up all beliefs that are not absolutely proven to you, using your objective reason. Get into the neutral zone of non belief and into the zone of objective reason and learn what is absolutely obvious. Dont surrender your precious mind to others for any reasons, like peer pressure, parental pressure, authority pressure, national pressure, political pressure, or any of the standard reasons for surrendering up your mind to others. The Truth is all you need to seek. I make my living selling things that I love and the products reflect my love for others. Corny but it works for me. I am over 60 years old so I can be corny if I want. Watching people in various states of delusion is hard for me, because I feel for them. It amazes me that they are so lost in their beliefs that give them “security where there is none”, because we are all going to die anyway. People fight hard against the truth, and that is just amazing to watch. The truth is simple. The truth never changes. The world is in a constant flux of change, and yet we all know deep inside there is and absolute reality behind all of this. If you are not seeking the truth, then you are seeking to perpetuate your delusional beliefs. Somewhere along the way, science got this idea that truth doesn’t matter, only what scientists want to believe is all that matters. This is the same as it ever was. I am not telling you anything that is new. In order to know the truth, you have to be absolutely honest with and to yourself and to others. When someone tries to enforce their beliefs on you, you have to be honest with yourself and tell them nicely to eat their own HEMG because you have no need of it. This is of course after you take the time to study this HEMG far away from the members of the belief, so you can judge it with your new found honesty and your innate, doubts and BS meter. If you dont have a good operational BS meter, then get one. Try Yoga, Meditation or something that allows you to see it is there inside your head and has always been there, but you just have been taught out of using it.

This guy’s head is stuck so far up his own arse, he’s got shit coming out of every available sound hole. He’s got an ‘extreme IQ’ whatever the fuck that means. Shame he didn’t put his IQ to good use when learning to write. He basically says that you, yes you, are delusional unless you cast off your beliefs. Unless they’re the same as his, of course. In fact, DocReason13 put it much better than I in a post to this fool’s profile

congratulations on furthering the international opinion that americans are ignorant, bible beating beating retards. why cant idiots like you just fuck up your own kids and communities instead of taking your collosal stupidity to the digital realm, where you can make us all look as idiotic as you? you arrogant pricks are the reason everyone is ashamed of our culture and country. oh, and i notice you have a computer, a modern house to put it in and electricity to power it, yet you try to dispute the science that allows such things to exist. and you have the unmitigated gall to speak of other people as delusional? mention a bullshit meter? puh-fucking leeze!

Exactly. Another fucking idiot to add to the pile.

Fucking Yahoo Answers

September 20, 2009

Yahoo answers. What a fucking place. This is where your common retarded questions like ‘how much milk do I give a baby bird’ or whatever are posed. Actually, I made that question up, but I’m sure there’s shit like it.

One question that I saw recently was

Do you know anything about the destruction of the world in 2012?

There are the obvious ‘Matthew 25:17-21 and lo, Jesus mocked the weak and kissed someone’s rectal mandala’, but this is classic fuckwitted idiocy, although her heart seems in the right place.

2012 Does not mean everything is going to end that morning. The world may just start to worse and people get more sick then by like maybe 2020 the world could be in for it. Also could just be a new beginning 2012 does not always mean something bad is going to happen could just mean a new beginning look it how people are starting to become more green everything is changing so could just be a new Future a new beginning everything is changing. And nobody will really ever know until year after and that day comes. All we can do is wait and think do we want to change the way we live on this planet and keep it better or not. Us people are the ones destroying things one earth.

And here’s her profile.

Mrs Bxtch is her pseudonym. Here’s another of her lexiconographical-linguistics.

From ‘Are you supersticious? This is starting to be really weird…?

Well I always had bad realtionships with men who my thing said not to be with make no good matches. I’m sagg and we are best with scoripo when i first meet my hubby 7 yrs ago the first thinbg i asked him was what sign are you and indeed he was happily married 2 yrs haha I’m not saying at all that was it but could be

And another ‘Would you have voted for Obama if he was Chinese?

Only people am racist agianst is them helll no can’t wait for a woman pres we don’t need nomore men.

I felt a bit sorry for her at first, but she’s a fucking twat as evidenced by that last comment. Everyone I know from the internet can spell and read, I just don’t know where these fucks come from. I mean, I know it’s annoying having to pay attention in school, but surely the basics… ah, fuck it.

Stupid fucking websites.

Do you know anything about the destruction of the world in the year 2012?