Fucking BNP

November 3, 2009

They really believe this shit

Extra long post today…

Their tagline is The British National Party Website: Leading The Way in British Politics
A substitute for clear rhetoric, usually only used by mainstream politicians. The BNP are an interesting lot. Their history is tarnished by their consistent association with the national front and their obsession with race, foreign religion and immigration controls. They’re trying to attract mainstream/ordinary voters by using the language of the political class. It’s quite funny, if a bit troubling.
Recently, a blogpost by Guardian Technology editor Charles Arthur, posited the following conundrum: You decide: should you hack that hateful party’s website?

A friend who’s quite into hacking around with stuff says that he’s found a flaw in the website of a political party whose views you both detest. (Its leader might have appeared on a high-profile television programme recently, for example.)

The flaw, your friend explains, would let you hack into the site and change everything around. Then you, with your expertise, could change the front page, leave scripts that would capture login details, pretty much anything. Maybe there would even be some useful databases hanging around there.

You’re interested – but the Computer Misuse Act doesn’t have a public interest defence, and you’re unsure whether your friend has the hacking chops to do this undetected. Then again, that leering face on the website is soooo annoying..

What do you do?

Now, there were many hilarious comments on the post itself, not least the BNPWebmonkey’s attempts to claim Mr Arthur had broken the law, the article was an incitement to commit crime. A shining beacon, the BNP’s intellectual light. Sadly, they’re currently out of bulbs.
Many of the greatest, (by which I mean idiotic), posts were removed by moderators, so it’s a little jumpy trying to follow the reasoning behind some posts which is a shame. So, I jump over to see the BNP’s reaction only to find a veritable goldmine of stupidity, hence the extra long post. Enjoy!


MMM. Interesting, If you hack into the gruniads inner sanctum all that comes up is a wonderful explanation of how pond life evolved. It doesn’t make it clear which particular animal of pond life origin managed to get certain jobs of responsibility on the gruniads management other than to point out that the deeper the pond, the stronger the pond life. Obviously those that managed to make it to the surface and onto dry land eventually evolved into more advanced members of the animal kingdom, some even becoming human beings. Alas there were still some that still maintained their alliegance to pond life and continued to be reminded of their ancient origins by becoming gruniad readers. The rest, however were able to form their own opinions and relied on facts not pond life detritus.

Quite literally, WTF?


Who’s he to tell me who I am supposed to like or not like. No-one tells me who my friends are, not the BNP, not the BBC and certainly not some tosser journo who has just been trounced on QT.

I have Black, White, Japanese, Hindu and Sikh friends who all know my political stance.

He on the other hand is not my friend. He’s a bully and a coward and I don’t speak to weak men.

Well, I’m glad you know who your friends are. What does any of that have to do with Charles Arthur or his post? There’s no point getting angry before you finish reading the actual article…

Dave common

“24 October 2009

Security breach – Guardian Jobs

We learned yesterday evening that the Guardian Jobs website has been targeted by a sophisticated and deliberate hack, which has breached the security of the data on the site. You have used the site to make one or more job applications and we believe your personal data, relating to those applications, may have been accessed.”

Well, serves me right I suppose for using their services. What comes around goes around.

Lulz, he doesn’t even realise how that reads.

white and proud

Yeah, this guy’s something else…

I hear you mike my heart goes out to all the victims and there familys. yeah i seen the muslims celebrating to. its makes your blood boil. down with islam.



So is he guilty of stirring up racial hatred against us?

Racial. Hatred. Context!


I dont know where to put this .But just had a thought .All the lies ect about Nick and the party.Perhaps rather than complain to the press acc ect we should sue the journalist who writes it ,not the paper.They have the money to defend such actions but has the jounalist .probalby not in debt wife left him most are drunks as you know .Just a thought

Sue him for what? Posing a question? You guys always go on about freedom of speech…

Paul James

I would never read the Gardian and its equaly crappy cousin the Manchester Evening News.In truth we cannot trust any of them. I must say I have been slow to find out that you can find the papers on Google for free and just read the bits you like.For Example on Sunday I used to get the M on Sunday to read Peter Hitchens but was so pissed off with the rest of their rubbish I stopped and they dont show motorcycle results only football.

Someone just excited to be here, folks.

white and proud

Oh ho ho…

I hear you mike my heart goes out to all the victims and there familys. yeah i seen the muslims celebrating to. its makes your blood boil. down with islam. white man must stand united against islam we dont want it in our country

So good he posted twice.


yes ”Charles Arthur” sounds like the kind of deliberate inflated sounding name that gives fake ‘stature’ and resonance although its a bit like a tardy trade mark for a mass produced consumer corporate product

There are no words I can use to describe how stupid this is.


Google “Scientology” and “fair game”

Ha! Their victim/underdog complex is actually giving me the full belly laugh of the day.

And on a rather strange note, I’d like just to mention an oddity that has no explanation. On the bottom of their pages, or at least the ones I read, they have the following:

1st: The British National Party

2nd: The Conservatives

3rd: Labour

4th: The Liberal Democrats

5th: UKIP

What this signifies, I have no idea. I don’t imagine many of them have ever been first at anything. Ever.