Fucking atypical

January 14, 2010

I don’t much care for self reflection, I mean it has its place, but it should be a once a year thing, like Pancake day or January 12th. Recently, I’ve been posting more than I should. Normally, I take a back seat and watch stupidity unfold before me and occasionally report it here or at my favourite internet haunts, but I think I’ve taken a step into the stupid territory. My last post here was about a dude called Goodscienceforyou (GSFY), a genuine idiot who claims to be a scientist, but doesn’t understand physics, archaeology, chemistry or any other field he’s lumbered toward. He genuinely doesn’t have a Scooby Doo. It’s hilarious to read his posts where he justifies his misunderstandings as ‘not following science’s brainwashing techniques’ and has an especially large dislike for the theory of evolution. Here’s a quote from his forum. He’s trying to explain…
something or other.

If this site were to have “good” effects on the religious belief in Evodelusionism, the religion of evolutionists, then the evodelusinoists would be promoting it. What the do is to try to stop talking about it, and to stop recommending it.

If it was not detrimental to Evodelusionism, meaning that it supports their beliefs, by being inaccurate of the facts, then they would be dropping money in the till to support this, of they would be recommending it to all of their friends.

Instead they have never met a real scientist before, so they can’t dismiss anything I teach.

If what I teach is detrimental to the opponents to Evodelusionism then they would also support it.

This is because what we teach is NEUTRAL and is not based on any beliefs. It is only based on facts.

It’s called the Neutral evolution forum, but is just an outlet for his self-aggrandisement and about as neutral as Glenn Beck (who hasn’t yet denied that he raped and murdered a girl in 1990).

My laughing at him is not the reason for my reflection, but it is sort of what prompted it.
I started posting regularly on that forum, asking sensible questions to begin with. At some point, a fellow who had read a post he’d enjoyed searched for my username on youtube and sent me a private message which gave me some clues as to who GSFY was in real life. Always on the alert for some lulz, I followed the clues and discovered much information about him. Seriously, a lot. I talked over my discoveries with a friend and came to the blindingly obvious conclusion that he is quite a disturbed individual. I won’t go into it, but suffice it to say, it’s fucked up.
All of a sudden I’m the idiot. I’ve been mocking this guy for making up scientific standards as he goes along, calling me a fool and a liar without a trace of irony, and it turns out he’s a bloody mental and I should be helping him seek some proper care…

Yep, troll’s remorse. It fucking sucks, as Americans like to say.
So I (and others) leave the forum and he now thinks he has scared off the disagreeing members by the sheer strength of his arguments. Fuck. I want to correct him, I want to point out each and every error and inaccuracy and tell him why he’s a fucking pleb. But I won’t.

Oh sod it, here’s one final quote. From a thread called logic.

Go f**k yourself! This is staw man bullshit. I have no religion. I know that God = Truth and if you want truth in science the you need to get rid of all religious bullshit from science. There is no religion higher than the truth.

God (does not equal) religion.

If God equaled religion there would be only one religion.



Some fucking good science

December 23, 2009

You may recall an idiot from a previous post called Goodscienceforyou (quite possibly the most ironic username ever chosen). Well, he now has his own forum
Quick history – Goodscienceforyou hates evolution. So much so, that he will go out of his way to mis-spell it as often as possible. He likes to refer to it as ‘Evodelusionism’ (although he often doesn’t spell that right either) which he seems to think is extremely clever. He also coined the abbreviation of human emotional mental garbage, ¬†HEMG. He says

A science based on slogans is not science

but as we can’t really trust someone who uses slogans instead of science, we should probably look elsewhere. Still, it’s hard to turn your browser away.
According to GSFY, he has what he defines as an ‘extreme IQ’, which he refers to constantly. I thought it prudent to note one or two points of his genius flourishing.

Diamond are no longer carbon, they are diamonds. Moron!

I love that he ends that sentence with ‘Moron!’

Mutation is a foudational [sic] scientific term from genetics that specifically means a genetic freak. It has always meant that. It means the chromosomes are messed up and out of balance from the parents of the mutant offspring.

Otherwise known as the X-Men hypothesis of genetic mutation…

He does have some genuine moments of clarity, though. Like a diamond (made of carbon) in the rough, there are little bright glimmers.

Opinions are like butt holes, everybody has them, but all you get is crap from them.

Goodscienceforyou, spa salesman.

You cannot teach a wild animal with kindness, while they are eating a young child’s mind with deception.

I’d love to post more of GSFY’s quotes, but the sheer mountain of idiocy, hyperbole and comical non-sequitur leads to ill health – my sides are splitting. But like a former junkie, I’m sure I’ll be back for another fix before long.