Fucking swearing

October 12, 2009

Swearing has its uses

Since time immemorial, swearing has held its place as the king of accentuation. Its position since the birth of the internet has changed little, but I think the shock value has somewhat dimmed. Take Eurogamer for instance. Sure, it’s a bit messy as sites go, but if you read an article, look forward to the comments and you have a mild stomach, you’ll find yourself confronted with some eye-popping and totally gratuitous swears.
Now, a comment like

If I somehow travelled back in time a couple of years and told the then-me that in the future, EA was going to go out of its way to preserve the rights of independent studios and generally act like the Good Guy, I’d have cunted my future-self in the fuck.

from thedaveeyres on the article http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/mobigame-langdells-lawyers-have-fled about my favourite trademark troll, Tim Langdell, within context is quite funny, but it seems that over there they can’t comment without the word cunt. Now, I don’t care about the word and find it quite comical when people, especially ladies, blush when it’s used, or worse, make it their place to tell you how offensive it is (without valid reasons, I might add, beyond ‘it’s offensive’) but I am a human and feel both empathy and sympathy. That said, I do feel that they need to be used sparingly to give them their full effect. People who splatter their conversations with fucks, shits and wankers tend to be unable to articulate themselves without swearing, and because of that, are just plain annoying. Not as annoying as shit pop music, but it’s all relative. I swear with the best of ’em, and sometimes without reason, but generally, they’re considered and appropriate.
So to all those people, hiding behind the internet’s anonymity who think it’s ‘cool’, it’s not, it’s ignorant. Fuck off.