Fucking Yahoo Answers

September 20, 2009

Yahoo answers. What a fucking place. This is where your common retarded questions like ‘how much milk do I give a baby bird’ or whatever are posed. Actually, I made that question up, but I’m sure there’s shit like it.

One question that I saw recently was

Do you know anything about the destruction of the world in 2012?

There are the obvious ‘Matthew 25:17-21 and lo, Jesus mocked the weak and kissed someone’s rectal mandala’, but this is classic fuckwitted idiocy, although her heart seems in the right place.

2012 Does not mean everything is going to end that morning. The world may just start to worse and people get more sick then by like maybe 2020 the world could be in for it. Also could just be a new beginning 2012 does not always mean something bad is going to happen could just mean a new beginning look it how people are starting to become more green everything is changing so could just be a new Future a new beginning everything is changing. And nobody will really ever know until year after and that day comes. All we can do is wait and think do we want to change the way we live on this planet and keep it better or not. Us people are the ones destroying things one earth.

And here’s her profile.

Mrs Bxtch is her pseudonym. Here’s another of her lexiconographical-linguistics.

From ‘Are you supersticious? This is starting to be really weird…?

Well I always had bad realtionships with men who my thing said not to be with make no good matches. I’m sagg and we are best with scoripo when i first meet my hubby 7 yrs ago the first thinbg i asked him was what sign are you and indeed he was happily married 2 yrs haha I’m not saying at all that was it but could be

And another ‘Would you have voted for Obama if he was Chinese?

Only people am racist agianst is them helll no can’t wait for a woman pres we don’t need nomore men.

I felt a bit sorry for her at first, but she’s a fucking twat as evidenced by that last comment. Everyone I know from the internet can spell and read, I just don’t know where these fucks come from. I mean, I know it’s annoying having to pay attention in school, but surely the basics… ah, fuck it.

Stupid fucking websites.

Do you know anything about the destruction of the world in the year 2012?