Fucking Youtube

September 20, 2009

Youtube: You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and idiocy.

This is total fucking nimrod Doggyspew on a pretty randomly chosen youtube video.

Define fantasy. If defining fantasy in believing in materialistic nature and´╗┐ all it atoms and energy in it, then you do not even know the definition of fantasy.

The topic, of course, is that classic polemic, Evolution. Now, Doggyspew is an idiot of the regular type, doesn’t proof read what he writes, posts a comment before the thought has coalesced properly in his mind etc, but there’s one fucker who deserves a bit of ridicule, GoodScienceForYou.

This is him in his own words, (I don’t expect you to actually read this bit, by the way)

About Me:

People call me the “teacher’s teacher”; “Renaissance man”; “ass hole, liar”; and other concepts that they project on me. Most loving people who are not believers in HEMG are treated badly by society. I spent 17 years in Yoga to get free of delusions. But basically, I am a person who has learned how to learn and to keep HEMG (human emotional mental garbage) away from me as much as possible, so that I can be a free thinker. Believe it or not; you can study all that man has learned and not believe in logical fallacies if you know how to recognize them. I have knowledge of a logical moral position that has intense logic and obvious objective reason, because the nature of the universe is that it follows and exacting logical rational, scientific, reason for all interactions of energy, life, and possibilities we have not come across yet. I am a scientist, although I have stayed far away from people who want to inflict nonsense on my intelligence. I have been tested with an extreme IQ and I don’t want to lose that by absorbing someone else’s unproven beliefs. I study science and everything far away from the intense need of others to tell me how to think or how to learn. I realized at a young age that people are indoctrinated by parents, society, religion, and learn to believe things that simple are not true and most times not logical. People are taught out of their objective reason and replace it with belief, for all sorts of emotional and survival reasons. If you want to be a free thinker, give up all beliefs that are not absolutely proven to you, using your objective reason. Get into the neutral zone of non belief and into the zone of objective reason and learn what is absolutely obvious. Dont surrender your precious mind to others for any reasons, like peer pressure, parental pressure, authority pressure, national pressure, political pressure, or any of the standard reasons for surrendering up your mind to others. The Truth is all you need to seek. I make my living selling things that I love and the products reflect my love for others. Corny but it works for me. I am over 60 years old so I can be corny if I want. Watching people in various states of delusion is hard for me, because I feel for them. It amazes me that they are so lost in their beliefs that give them “security where there is none”, because we are all going to die anyway. People fight hard against the truth, and that is just amazing to watch. The truth is simple. The truth never changes. The world is in a constant flux of change, and yet we all know deep inside there is and absolute reality behind all of this. If you are not seeking the truth, then you are seeking to perpetuate your delusional beliefs. Somewhere along the way, science got this idea that truth doesn’t matter, only what scientists want to believe is all that matters. This is the same as it ever was. I am not telling you anything that is new. In order to know the truth, you have to be absolutely honest with and to yourself and to others. When someone tries to enforce their beliefs on you, you have to be honest with yourself and tell them nicely to eat their own HEMG because you have no need of it. This is of course after you take the time to study this HEMG far away from the members of the belief, so you can judge it with your new found honesty and your innate, doubts and BS meter. If you dont have a good operational BS meter, then get one. Try Yoga, Meditation or something that allows you to see it is there inside your head and has always been there, but you just have been taught out of using it.

This guy’s head is stuck so far up his own arse, he’s got shit coming out of every available sound hole. He’s got an ‘extreme IQ’ whatever the fuck that means. Shame he didn’t put his IQ to good use when learning to write. He basically says that you, yes you, are delusional unless you cast off your beliefs. Unless they’re the same as his, of course. In fact, DocReason13 put it much better than I in a post to this fool’s profile

congratulations on furthering the international opinion that americans are ignorant, bible´╗┐ beating beating retards. why cant idiots like you just fuck up your own kids and communities instead of taking your collosal stupidity to the digital realm, where you can make us all look as idiotic as you? you arrogant pricks are the reason everyone is ashamed of our culture and country. oh, and i notice you have a computer, a modern house to put it in and electricity to power it, yet you try to dispute the science that allows such things to exist. and you have the unmitigated gall to speak of other people as delusional? mention a bullshit meter? puh-fucking leeze!

Exactly. Another fucking idiot to add to the pile.